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"The Omnia" is located at 45 metres on a rock plateau above the village centre. Through a tunnel, directly from Zermatt's pedestrian area, guests reach the hotel lobby at 1,649 metres above sea level via a lift ascending through the rock.
Natural materials such as local granite, white oak, leather and felt combine with steel furniture made by the Swiss company USM to create an atmosphere of modern well-being.
Restaurant, sun terrace, library. spa with in-and outdoor pool, whirlpool, sauna, steam bath, sweat bath, petal bath, 2 massage rooms and fitness studio.
Ambitious modern global cuisine. We loved the red mullet on a bed of black risotto and the warm chocolate cake with liquorice and almonds.
Rooms here have no numbers but rather letters as the 18 rooms and 12 suites could not be more diverse. Outline and size vary according to category between 24 and 110 sqm. All rooms feature floor to ceiling windows and a balcony. Bathrooms are fitted with the exclusive Australian cosmetics of the Aesop brand.
The tireless service team around Philippe C. Clarinval is dedicated to satisfy each and every craving.

The Omnia Hotel, Zermatt

The "Omnia" could be called an up-to-date interpretation of the classical mountain lodge. The five star hotel's plain interior design is dominated by light and air. New York architect Ali Tayar merged the original American lodge concept with the spirit of Zermatt in an accomplished combination. While the building materials and the craftsmanship refer back to the Vallais tradition, the hotel's interior design is inspired by the warm aesthetics of American modernism. Freely translated from Latin, "omnia" means "the whole." After the completion of the second reconstruction phase in 2006, this holistic claim has obviously been realised in a hotel both harmonious and at one with nature. The view of the Matterhorn from the whirlpool as well as from most rooms is simply overwhelming.
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Nature and architecture merge into a harmonious entity here. The view of the Matterhorn from the whirlpool as well as from most rooms is simply overwhelming.
Those who dislike steel furniture had better stay away because Alexander Schärer owns both the USM steel furniture company and the hotel, and made sure that USM furniture is one of the hotel's signature features.

Location: Zermatt | Valais

The Omnia
Auf dem Fels · 3920 Zermatt

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