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Located on a quiet side street, near the Danube Canal, on the edge of Vienna's First District.
Simple and modern design – wooden tables with minimalist table setting keep your attention focused on essentials, that is, Konstantin Fillipou's imaginative dishes.
A purist dining room, a kitchen table with a view of the kitchen, a small hall for private events, and a pavement terrace for the summer months.
Straightforward innovative cuisine which puts the product centre stage. There are two seasonal six-course menus which change on a regular basis. No à-la-carte dining.
Wine List
Small but fascinating wine list featuring around 50 vintages, with an emphasis on organic wines.
Discrete, solicitous, friendly and attentive.

Konstantin Filippou Restaurant, Wien

Rather inconspicuous from the outside, the interior design of Konstantin Filippou's restaurant is as bold as it is neat and simple. Having treated us to a warm welcome, Manuela Filippou takes us to the "kitchen table" overlooking the kitchen. The short menu offers you a choice of two six-course dinner, though you may also cut it down to four courses. We opt for "the whole thing" and end up being thrilled by the plates that Filippou sends our way. His creations are coordinated for perfect harmony. In some of the Mediterranean dishes you can taste Konstantin Fillipou's Greek roots. He deftly plays with textures and consistencies, something he learnt from celebrated chefs like Juan Mari Arzak in San Sebastian, Gordon Ramsay in London, and Heinz Reitbauer in Vienna. He has operated his own restaurant since 2013. In 2015, he was awarded a Michelin star. We expect there will be a second one soon. Closed on: Saturdays and Sundays
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Fascinating combinations of ingredients – and there are some we will never forget: free-range egg with squid and pork belly, or cuttlefish with smoked quail egg and escargots.
The purist interior could use some noise-absorbent fabrics. Depending on the crowd on a given evening, it can get quite noisy.

Location: Wien | Austria

Konstantin Filippou
Dominikanerbastei 17 · 1010 Wien
Phone +43 1 512 22 29


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