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In the heart of the historic town centre of Amalfi, close to the cathedral.
Modest and simple, with a dash of elegance. You may sit indoors at tables laid in white or outside on the patio.
Dining room on the first floor, including an extensive covered patio.
An honest, but ambitious fresh-market cuisine. The restaurant's classic: fish soup and "Paccheri alla genovese."
Wine List
The short, well-structured wine list focuses on regional grapes.
Attentive, solicitous, and dedicated.

Da Gemma Restaurant, Amalfi

"Da Gemma" is one of those restaurants that you simply have to know. For if you stroll through the picturesque streets of Amalfi, it is not always easy to distinguish spruced-up tourist traps from great trattorias with high quality fresh-market cuisine. If you have a craving for fresh-caught fish, home-made pasta or Amalfi specialities, "Da Gemma" is your place. There always seems to be a fresh breeze blowing at this historic venue (in operation since 1872). In charge of the kitchen is Salvatore Milano, a young chef who spent his training years in hotel kitchens as renowned as the "Palace" in Gstaad, "Le Sirenuse" in Positano, and the "Caruso" in Ravello. "Da Gemma" now benefits from the all experiences he made, and the resulting creations are impressive. Be sure to bring a big appetite: While the servings are not bigger than elsewhere, you will want to try more than one sample of this cuisine. Closed on: Wednesdays (open daily during the high season)
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Fresh-caught fish with a marvellous scent of sea and brine. The best way to go is to stick to whatever the chef recommends.
Perhaps the one thing missing to make the holiday bliss perfect is a view of the sea.

Location: Amalfi | Amalfi Coast

Da Gemma
Via fra Gerardo Sasso, 11 · 84011 Amalfi
Phone +39 089 871345


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