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Located on the main road, on the last bend below the historic town centre of Biot.
Elegant furniture, tables set with a love for detail, and huge floral arrangements define the ambience of the place. The classic atmosphere indoors is balance by fresher and lighter touch outside.
Elegant dining room with large fireplace, and scenic terrace, well protected from the highway.
Michaël Fulci has mastered all culinary categories, be it crustaceans, seafood, or meat dishes – you will feel his creativity on every plate. Excellent menu compositions at reasonable prices. The three-course lunch menu is priced at €43, the three-course dinner "Saveur du moment" at €69.
Wine List
Classic French wine list with a focus on the regions of Provence, Bordeaux, and Champagne.
The table service is professionally choreographed, but a tad pompous and aloof.

Les Terraillers Restaurant, Biot

Biot is a picturesque small town known for three sights in particular: the museum of Fernand Léger, the glass works "La Verrerie de Biot," and without doubt the gourmet restaurant "Les Terraillers." This is the realm of young chef Michaël Fulci. He was awarded a Michelin star in recognition of his creative aroma cuisine. Sitting out on the beautiful patio among the sculptures is simply fantastic. The tables don blown glass pieces and tinted glass with air bubbles, locally made in Biot. During the off-season, you take a comfy place by the large fireplace. The elegant restaurant is certainly worth a visit any time of year. Closed on: Wednesdays and Thursdays
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One of the few restaurants where the weather is truly a moot issue. Whether inside or outside – it does not matter: The ambience is unique. Once you've been here, you will always love coming back.
Occasionally, the service can be "over the top." Too many waiters are assigned to one and the same table.

Location: Biot | Côte d'Azur

Les Terraillers
11 Chemin Neuf · 6410 Biot
Phone +33 4 93 65 01 59


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