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Well hidden on a nondescript street behind the old port of Nice.
Large bronze crystal chandeliers are suspended from the ceiling, and baroque-like oil paintings are hung on the petrol-hued walls. Choice antiques complete the well-appointed set in its intimate boudoir chic.
The stylishly redecorated dining room with its lily-white table cloths and rare porcelain. During the summer month, food is also served on the small boulevard patio out front.
Modern French cuisine with a South African twist, bearing the accolade of one Michelin star. Don't miss out on the classic South African dessert called Malva Pudding, served with salt caramel and vanilla ice-cream. It pays homage to Jan Hendrick's grandmother – the person who taught him how to cook. There is no à la carte dining in the conventional sense. Rather, guests have the choice of two multi-course dinners: "Menu Marché" or "Carte Blanche."
Wine List
The short but well-appointed wine list focuses on Provencal vintages and several South African "must-haves."
Calm, solicitous and rather classic without seeming in any way dated. Always sensitive to your needs, the staff will offer you an aperitif and guide you in a pleasantly reticent manner through your culinary journey.

Jan Restaurant, Nice

Jan Handrick van der Westhuizen, a native of South Africa, made a name for himself as food photographer and chef on a private yacht in Monaco before opening his own restaurant named "Jan" in the French town of Nice. High-end aesthetics and elegance define not just the interior of his restaurant, but also his sophisticated French dishes – choreographed to perfection and served with plenty of South African soulfulness. Jan Hendrik was awarded one Michelin star in 2016. It is no surprise therefore that the place is rather hip and "en vogue." You are well advised to book a table far in advance. Closed on: Sundays and Mondays
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What we love about Jan Hendrik is not just his fine cuisine but also his reliability, perhaps a South African trait. From our first e-mail contact, to our phone communications regarding food allergies of our guests, and all the way to paying the bill at the restaurant – everything is taken care of promptly. Châpeau!
It need not bother you, but the carefully styled restaurant seems like a fancy stranded UFO on the otherwise drab Rue Lascaris.

Location: Nice | Côte d'Azur

12 Rue Lascaris · 6300 Nice
Phone +33 4 97 19 32 23


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