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Perched high on a cliff just 500\_m from the old town centre and 300 steps up the stairs from the Marina Grande, the place is a perfect vista point.
The uniqueness of the panoramic view is complemented by the hotel's colourful interior along with its maritime flair. Every day, we discovered new charming details. A true paradise for book lovers.
A sun deck, a small pool, a bathing jetty, a generous lobby with library, a bar (service 24/7), and an open kitchen where breakfast is served.
A delicious breakfast and small snacks are served in the open kitchen.
11 custom-designed rooms in bold colours, and a light-flooded junior suite. Deviating from the standard, the "superior" rooms are larger than the "deluxe" ones, and therefore belong in a higher category. All rooms have tiny refrigerators, spacious safes (the size of a PC), free WiFi, picture windows, and a breathtaking view of the sea.
Outstandingly friendly and relaxed, making you feel well cared for and at home at once.

Maison La Minervetta Hotel, Sorrento

"Maison La Minervetta," as the name suggests, is a house where one is received more like a house guest, neither a hotel nor a bed and breakfast in the classical sense. Guests come here for the sake of the house and its atmosphere, a work (as many other properties on the Amalfi Coast) of the renowned interior architect Marco de Luca from Sorrento. Unlike the other hotels, "La Minervetta" is his own and quite obviously close to his heart. This is where he created his dream house, as most of the decorative elements such as vases, sculptures and even books are part of his private collection. So what is the small 4-star guest house like? Dizzyingly colourful! Most notably there is the blue of the sea, the white of the clouds, the yellow of the sun and the red of the Neapolitan peppers - symbol of the patron saint, or of Italian passion?
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There is nothing as invigorating as a dip in the sea! The bathing jetty at the Marina Grande is conveniently reached from the hotel via an outdoor staircase.
There is only one room with a large balcony worth spending time on, whereas the other 11 rooms have scenic windows or French balconies.

Location: Sorrento | Amalfi Coast

Maison La Minervetta
Via Capo, 25 · 80067 Sorrento

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