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Right by the side of the road that meanders through Positano in switchbacks.
Casual and rustic, but well groomed. Some of the outdoor tables command a view of the bay. The food is served on large colourful plates. The tables are laid with table linen and matching cloth napkins.
The restaurant spreads across two rooms, one being the small grotto hewn into the rock right by the entrance, the other being the bright main dining room with the big window front. A small patio, directly facing the street.
Honest Mediterranean "cucina casalinga." Be sure to try: filled calamari and the divine home-made deserts of Mamma Marcella.
Wine List
Small in scale. Yet is has (nearly) everything your heart desires.
Cordial and intimate. The family dad flirts with the guests, while his sons lend a helping hand elsewhere.

Da Vincenzo Restaurant, Positano

Seasoned travel experts tend to think that fine dining is not to be had in the tourist hot spots. Positano made us think again. For you will find the restaurant "Da Vincenzo," steeped in tradition and family operated for three generations, right in high street. This makes it the perfect way station for anyone arriving hungry in Positano, and unwilling to hunt high and low for a good place to eat. Closed on: Tuesdays during the lunch hours
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A family tradition since 1958. We very much appreciated the casual and intimate atmosphere.
The tables outside sit right next to a heavily frequented street. It is not everyone's cup of tea to have cars and scooters buzz past your table.

Location: Positano | Amalfi Coast

Da Vincenzo
Viale Pasitea, 172 · 84017 Positano
Phone +39 089 875128


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