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Location with splendid vista: The hotel sits high atop a cliff on the edge of the historic town centre of Sorrento, just a 5-minute walk from Piazza Tasso.
Romantic with a female touch – as if you were staying at a lady friend's. The small reception consists of a mere table. The cosy seating nooks in the lobby and on the patio invite you to pause and linger. The tastefully refurbished rooms of this 18th century mansion are as refreshing as the sea breeze.
Two restaurants, a pergola terrace, a bar, a swimming pool, a small spa including steam room and treatment rooms, a private sun deck on the beach (accessible via lift).
Ambitious Mediterranean cuisine.
50 freshly refurbished, colourful rooms and suites decorated with frescoes, stucco, and beautiful chandeliers. Many of the room have a very generous floor plan, and are furnished with a sofa bed that offers a comfortable place to sleep for a third person.
Cordial and very intimate.

Bellevue Syrene Hotel, Sorrento

The entrance to this hotel resembles a temple with its Roman columns. At first glance, this 18th century mansion seems almost like a private residence. The first time you stay at the "Bellevue Syrene," the charming 5-star hotel will just not stop amazing you. The view is spectacular and lovely, while the sea is at your feet when you are on the expansive patio. The salons and rooms appear to have been done with a feminine touch in tender pastel colours. You feel like a bird, suspended halfway between the heavens and the sea. A sojourn at this Edenic retreat will revive your sense – though it will also cost a pretty penny. Anyone who has been here knows that it is well worth the expense, and will gladly come back.
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The refreshing sherbet hues in which the rooms are decorated will be sure to charm the female guests.
The hotel is positioned in such a way as to keep the terraces and balconies of many rooms in the shade for the major part of the day.

Location: Sorrento | Amalfi Coast

Bellevue Syrene
Piazza della Vittoria, 5 · 80067 Sorrento

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