Beat the Lockdown Blues with Wanderlust

A memorable year is drawing to a close. The lockdown in spring was followed by a carefree summer of short trips inside Switzerland and countries just beyond. We rediscovered our hometown of Zurich, not least the freshly refurbished La Réserve Eden au Lac Zurich. We wrote detailed profiles about the finest places that made lasting impressions on us, and these you will find on our website with its refreshing new design pillowandpepper.com now.

We still believe in travel. And this despite the fact that our concierge team handled more reservation changes and cancellations this year than new bookings. Owing to your faith in us and your loyalty, we managed to cope with the situation. We would like to take the opportunity to say THANK YOU!

Ekaterina, Co-Founder

The eventful year of 2020 has put the damper on my busy travel schedule. On the bright side, the extended breaks between each trip gave me the time I needed to reflect on experiences made and to revel in fond memories. For me, it’s been an Italian year – I toured Sardinia, Tuscany, Umbria, checking things out for Pillow & Pepper. Crossing the deserted “Piazza del Duomo” to visit Milan Cathedral was one of the more unique, if surreal, experiences. What this year has taught me is to find joy in the little things and to use your imagination to travel places. The new La Réserve Eden au Lac Zurich, which I pass on my way home from the office, has done a lot to help things along in this sense. This can take the form of an after-work Negroni, which transports me to Rome, or a Peruvian-Japanese dish at the restaurant La Muña, which whisks me off to Lima.

Joanna, Co-Founder

Just a year ago, it was unimaginable that a short while later we would no longer be able to move freely. The world seemed at our fingertips, even faraway places were near. What is left if the pandemic makes travelling so difficult? I, for one, focused on destinations close to home, and explored Switzerland for Pillow & Pepper – and the hotels a saw were the stuff of dreams. 

Travelling is a basic need that no pandemic can take away from us. Even if many of us can only let our minds wander off to the places we would like to see, I firmly believe in travelling. I do hope that we will soon regain the freedom to roam and resume our carefree travels. Just recently, a vaccine was approved in Switzerland. For me, it is one of the brightest Christmas candles, figuratively speaking.

Daniel, Art Director

Would we not all love to give in to our wanderlust again? If I could freely pick a destination today, I would bundle up my family in thick winter clothes, take them to Lapland and show my little tykes the marvel of the northern lights. Indeed, my wife had already made plans to tour a very similar latitude, because we wanted to go see Iceland, just the two of us – but that will have to wait. Very soon, however, it will be time to pay Zurich a visit to take my Christmas gifts to my dear P&P partners-in-crime, Joanna and Ekaterina, in person, even if it won’t be in time for the holidays. Having to catch up with them, I’ll spend my nights at the new La Réserve Eden au Lac Zurich, of course.

Why not let yourself be inspired in the same way? Stay in a hotel in your hometown, and discover your city from an entirely new perspective!

We gave it a try and checked into the new La Réserve Eden au Lac Zurich. Although Daniel was unable to join us in person — with Berlin in sudden lockdown — we shared the experience with him on zoom and had a really good time. And the two of us thoroughly enjoyed the change of scene.

At this time, we wish you a wonderful Christmas full of magic moments, and a great start into a healthy and happy year ahead. Do celebrate in style, and don’t forget to make some travel plans. Stay around, because 2021 is sure to become an exciting year, full of promise!