Namaste – more mindful, more alive

In addition to working from home and home schooling, we have been doing home yoga for weeks; even when confined within our own four walls, we yearn for mobility, lightness and self-care. Indeed, in these difficult times of social distancing, the need for a change of scene is becoming ever more pressing.  

Ready for a time out? The Pillow & Pepper Mountain Yoga Retreat in the archaic alpine world of Vals offers you the perfect opportunity for a change of scene and a short breather to get your energy level back up. You will be very active, eat fine and healthy food, laugh a lot, and in the process refresh your body, spirit and soul. Take some time out to take proper care of yourself for a change. 

Time out for you—Mountain Yoga Retreat in Vals, from 25th to 28th June 2020

Intense yoga, balancing pranayama, silent meditation, along with spa treatments, plenty of idle time, clean eating, and communal time spent in a wonderful group—all of these will give you ample opportunity to pamper yourself on all levels. Our teacher Umesh Tejasvi knows how to directly interlink Ayurvedic philosophy, yoga and everyday life.

Umesh Tejasvi is a native of Bangalore in southern India. After studying Ayurvedic medicine, he moved to Europe. Here, he deepened his experience as instructor and yoga teacher. Today, Umesh runs an Ayurveda centre in Zurich together with his team of experts. He is the author of a book on Ayurvedic nutritional principles.

For Umesh, leading a holistically healthy lifestyle goes far beyond a healthy diet. It is all about the unity of body, spirit and soul. Being aware and taking time out will help you centre yourself, take a break, and grant your needs more room. It is precisely this kind of equilibrium that inspires a profound inner contentment, and positively impacts your body, spirit and soul.

The 7132 Hotel treats you to the amenities of a 5-star luxury hotel, whereas the 7132 House of Architects offers you inspiring rooms designed by world-class architects, and the thermal baths make you feel like an explorer discovering a mysterious world of stone and water. Even urbanites who are hard to impress tend to be filled with awe when entering the monolithic building by Peter Zumthor that consists of 60,000 slabs of Vals quartzite.

Boiling things down to their essence, and investing each piece of furnishing with the spirit of the whole. At the 7132 Hotel and the 7132 House of Architects, each room is an aesthetic treat for design aficionados, and the architectural theme runs like a thread through the entire hotel ensemble.

Rediscover yourself

The Pillow & Pepper Mountain Yoga Retreat will give you a brilliant chance to leave your everyday cares behind and to find back to yourself. The retreat in Vals will also be attended by Ekaterina and Joanna, the two founders of Pillow & Pepper who are avid yoga enthusiasts in their own right..

Pillow & Pepper Mountain Yoga Retreat in Vals
From 25th to 28th June 2020

Our package for you:

  • 3 overnight stays in a room category of your choice 
  • 3 yoga sessions of 90 minutes each in the morning
  • 3 gong meditations of 60 minutes each in the evening 
  • “Balancing the Doshas,” a lecture by Umesh Tejasvi 
  • Guided hike to the Zervreilasee reservoir
  • 3 gourmet breakfasts 
  • 3 dinners 
  • Free admission to the 7132 Thermal Baths 
  • Night-time soak at the 7132 Thermal Baths 
  • 30% discount on any treatment at the spa 
  • Pillow & Pepper on-site coordination 
  • Service charge and VAT included

Starting at CHF 1’400 per person

Suitable for all yoga levels. The group is limited in size to 16 attendees. The available slots will be assigned on a “first come, first served” basis. Act quickly to secure one of the slots by registering at: concierge@pillowandpepper.com

By combining yoga, meditation, mindfulness, nutrition and recreation, this retreat offers many ways to attain greater personal well-being. We won’t be nibbling carrots only – promise! Let us wish you a mindful Easter holiday at home, as we look forward to seeing you in Vals come June. Until then, please stay safe and well.