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Pillow & Pepper presents:
The finest hotels and restaurants in Europe

We have visited, tested, rated and profiled hundreds of hotels and restaurants – always on the lookout for authentic places and the nicest addresses.

Rather than featuring a vast variety of venues, we present only our favourite locations on Pillow & Pepper – places that mirror the culture of a given destination in terms of architecture, design and ambience, and where honest hospitality is a way of life. Join us and discover more than 320 unique hotels and restaurants in Europe.

A room overlooking the parking lot? Never ever again.

We personally tested each location, and know the numbers of the best rooms and most coveted tables. Does room 215 come with a balcony overlooking the sea? Is the “love suite” still what it used to be? That’s for us to know and you to find out. Buy into our valuable insider knowledge – and directly place your reservation. Or take advantage of our Concierge Booking option, and we will gladly take care of it for you.

  • Which rooms and suites are truly the nicest?
    Retrieving insider knowledge: €5.00 per hotel
  • Which table is truly the best one in the entire restaurant?
    Retrieving insider knowledge: €5.00 per restaurant

Concierge Booking.
Planning trips for demanding travellers.

Since we know every one of the recommended addresses and their specificities, we offer a booking service free of charge. It is called Concierge Booking. Just send us an online request for information, and we will get back to you within 24 hours with the best online rate for the most beautiful available room.

Our concierge team will take care of every detail, reserve a chauffeured limousine, the most coveted table in the most en-vogue restaurant, and generally do whatever is needed to organise the perfect trip for you, and to ensure that you get to focus on the main thing – your holiday!

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Pillow & Pepper – that’s us! Three passionate, demanding, tireless travellers who have one thing in common: We love sharing our experiences.

Ekaterina Ossipova Bolte

Ossipova Bolte

Ekaterina, a banker, has organised trips for many years, including for sophisticated private clients of hers. She spends more nights in hotels than within her own four walls in Zurich. Ekaterina loves pocket spring mattresses and has a soft spot for fancy bed linens made of Egyptian cotton. Her job is to feed her personal hotel bed tips and favourite places into our database – which she would normally recommend to close friends only.

Joanna Peyer


Joanna spent 15 years working in the luxury hotel industry and fine-dining gastronomy – including stints in Ascona, London, and Zurich. She managed some of the best chefs as their marketing specialist, and knows the industry like the back of her hand. She would go out of her way any day to meet a creative chef or to check out a special location or a new hotel that just opened. Joanna will always test the room service, because she loves to take her breakfast in bed with fresh-squeezed orange juice and extra soft poached Eggs Benedict.

Daniel Ojala


Born in Finland, raised in Berlin, and at home the world over: As a designer, he loves to focus on visual aesthetics when exploring a given location. But it is of the essence that design follows function. A freestanding bathtub, for instance, is a detail pleasant to the eye. But if you cannot dim the ambient lighting, the aesthetic value is nil in Daniel’s eyes. It’s usually the small things that ensure a perfect experience – like the design of Pillow & Pepper, for which Daniel is responsible.