A Taste of Christmas: Flocons de Neige, Kaviar, Marzipan und Lasagnetta

Christmas roast goose, “Fondue Chinoise” or Panettone? What is the most typical Christmas flavour? We love traditions and white Christmas. Just like in previous years, we keep having to wait for snow in Zurich.

But Rico Zandonella is here to help. Together with him, we baked fluffy snowflake cookies – flocons de neige. And so it is snowing – out of the oven at Rico’s restaurant. Armed with piping bags, we filled the fluffy flocons with vanilla cream and later sampled generously from the various cookie sheets while exchanging hotel and restaurant tips.

Ekaterina, Co-Founder 

It does not have to be caviar for me every time, but no celebration would be complete without the famous and delicious Russian salad created by the French chef Lucien Olivier in Imperial Russia during the 1860s. For Christmas, I like to decorate the salad with a generous topping of black caviar.

Joanna, Co-Founder 

For me, Christmas is all about being at peace and feeling at home. I love pasta in any variation. It is comfort food that should definitely be a part of Christmas Eve. In my opinion, no one does a better lasagnetta than Rico Zandonella. His lasagnetta with langoustines and three different types of lemon is sensational, and it brings a sparkle to my eyes every time. 

Daniel, Art Director 

Having grown up with both Finnish and German Yuletide traditions, I never actually settled on definitive culinary must-haves for Christmas: Last year and the year before that, we had roast goose and venison, this year we will be having salmon soup. Whenever my Mom brings out her “bountiful platter” filled with marzipan potatoes, nuts and tangerines, the Christmas feeling kicks in automatically – and the treats from the platter are gobbled up in an instant. But overdoing it with jingle bells, holiday vibes and marzipan will stifle your creativity. So, by the time New Year's Eve arrives, at the latest, I will get stir-crazy and hit the ground running on January first.

So, what will your Christmas Eve be like? 

Would you, too, like to make it snow tomorrow? If so, here is your chance: Rico let us have his recipe for the fluffy flocons de neige and we are happy to share it with you.

Click here to go to the recipe

The Christmastide is a great time to sit down for dinner together with your loved ones. Knowing that you feel the same way, we wish you delightful holidays, and a good start into a healthy, happy and peaceful new year.