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Schäferstube Restaurant, Zermatt

If you like eating lamb, you will be on cloud nine here. In the rustic "Schäferstübli" you will be served lamb specialities from home-bred sheep. Their raclette is also worth a try! In keeping with tradition, half a wheel of raclette cheese is heated over an open fire, the melted part of the cheese then scraped off (the French term "racler" meaning "to scrape"). Not only does the fire cause the cheese to melt, it also gives it a unique, smoky flavour. In addition to lamb and cheese specialities, the menu also features classic dishes from the Valais.

Price range


Restaurant Price range

A 3-course menu or dinner à la carte per person will cost approx.:

Below € 30
Below € 80
Above € 80

If you like eating lamb, you will be on cloud nine here. Rustic and cosy, the "Schäferstübli" is a lucky find.

During the high season, tables get reserved two or three times per night.

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Individual ratings for Schäferstube Info

Location, ambience, room, service, and wine list:

6 = one of a kind
5 = excellent
4 = good
3 = satisfactory
2 = imperfect
1 = poor


6 = superior culinary art (normally 3 Michelin stars)
5 = extraordinarily creative culinary performance – often awarded one or two Michelin stars
4 = excellent cuisine, high quality, and consistency
3 = great cuisine, out of the ordinary
2 = unambitious cuisine
1 = best not to dine here


6 = unique resort or restaurant that satisfies (nearly) every need and desire
5 = top-of-the-lot in its category, as-new infrastructure, with lavish attention to detail
4 = swank restaurant or thrilling hotel with restaurant, bar, indoor or outdoor pool, gym, and spa
3 = elegant restaurant with patio, or small-but-refined hotel with restaurant
2 = harmonious restaurant without terrace or a luxurious B&B with swimming pool
1 = simple restaurant or charming B&B without swimming pool

  • Location

    In the village centre, on the left bank of the river, in the basement of the romantic "Julen" hotel (separate entrance).

  • Ambience

    Everything about this neat wooden Valais house is authentic! Walls out of plumb, old spruce wood anywhere you look, a nice open fireplace, and genial hospitality. Pleasant and cosy alpine mountain idyll.

  • Infrastructure

    Small, tube-shaped cellar restaurant with plenty of wood elements. Guest dine at rustic, wooden tables.

  • Culinary

    On our latest visit, we were enthralled by the lamb entrecôte in a hay crust, served with spicy black pepper sauce. CHF 46.00 per person. As a starter, we always like to sample the raclette. A small plate sells for CHF 09:00, though we rarely leave it at one.

  • Wine List

    The short wine list focuses on specialities from the Valais.

  • Service

    Friendly, attentive, and swift.

Location: Zermatt | Valais

Riedstrasse 2 · 3920 Zermatt
Phone +41 27 966 76 05

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