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Ristorante Riviera Restaurant, Venezia

The Riviera has become quite trendy lately, and is a popular place to gather for people from everywhere who appreciate fine cuisine. Its charismatic host Giovanni Pietro Francesco Maria Cremonini, or "GP" as the regulars call him for short, personally sees to the well-being of each guest. Are you here for the first time? Don't worry, GP is impossible to overlook with his signature look of long hair either elegantly braided or tied into a pony tail. He'll be sure to come to your table to tell you in person about the day's specials and the "catch of the day." The first thing you should try is a seafood starter, and among these we liked the carpaccio variation of four different types of raw fish served with raspberries best. The home-made Chitarrucci (spaghetti) with monkfish, spinach and dried cherry tomatoes was quite zesty and seasoned to perfection. The sea bass in a salt crust was delightfully succulent. Conclude your dinner, as we did, with an original Tiramisù ball that will melt on your tongue and become an unforgettable experience. Closed on: Mondays

Price range


Restaurant Price range

A 3-course menu or dinner à la carte per person will cost approx.:

Below € 30
Below € 80
Above € 80

Dining with a view – it is magnificent to sit out on the pier and splurge on the fine fresh-market cuisine.

The "Coperto" cover charge is a bit stiff at 6 euros per person.

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Individual ratings for Ristorante Riviera Info

Location, ambience, room, service, and wine list:

6 = one of a kind
5 = excellent
4 = good
3 = satisfactory
2 = imperfect
1 = poor


6 = superior culinary art (normally 3 Michelin stars)
5 = extraordinarily creative culinary performance – often awarded one or two Michelin stars
4 = excellent cuisine, high quality, and consistency
3 = great cuisine, out of the ordinary
2 = unambitious cuisine
1 = best not to dine here


6 = unique resort or restaurant that satisfies (nearly) every need and desire
5 = top-of-the-lot in its category, as-new infrastructure, with lavish attention to detail
4 = swank restaurant or thrilling hotel with restaurant, bar, indoor or outdoor pool, gym, and spa
3 = elegant restaurant with patio, or small-but-refined hotel with restaurant
2 = harmonious restaurant without terrace or a luxurious B&B with swimming pool
1 = simple restaurant or charming B&B without swimming pool

  • Location

    Directly on the waterfront, far from the tourist crowd, in the Dorsoduro quarter.

  • Ambience

    Romantically elegant, especially on balmy evenings, when sitting outside by the "Canale de la Giudecca" and beholding the surreally illuminated Hilton building across the canal.

  • Infrastructure

    Beautiful boulevard patio directly by the water with tables decked out in white and comfortable director's chairs. Of course this is also a splendid place to come to in poor weather, because the elegant dining room, done in earthy colours, will make you feel perfectly at home.

  • Culinary

    Excellent seafood cuisines and delicious pastries. The Tiramisù ball is certainly a must. If you cannot make up your mind and fancy a cross-section of the dessert menu, go for the "Mignon" variation of six small delicacies.

  • Wine List

    The well-groomed wine list focuses on domestic vintages.

  • Service

    The staff, who have worked here for many years, love to pamper their guest and are yet wonderfully discreet. Unprompted, they will include two dessert spoons when laying the table. It's the sort of thing that will leave you no choice but to put your diet plan on halt, and indulge a Tiramisù ball that is simply divine.

Location: Venezia | Venice

Ristorante Riviera
Fondamenta Zattere al Ponte Longo, 1473 · 30123 Venezia
Phone +39 041 522 7621

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