Restaurant La Dame de Pic

„Restaurant La Dame de Pic“

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Restaurant La Dame de Pic Restaurant, Paris

La Dame de Pic is the latest restaurant of Anne-Sophie Pic, the grande dame of French cuisine, honoured with any number of prestigious awards: 3 stars in the current Guide Michelin as well as the Veuve Clicquot Award 2011 for "The World's Best Female Chef." Opened in September 2012, the Paris branch is a posh modern bistro with a feminine interior. For the La Dame de Pic, Anne-Sophie Pic created a menu that accommodates her emotional, creative and straight cuisine, and which makes you want to go and visit her main restaurant in Valence. A very smart venue for enthusiasts of the light aroma cuisine. Be sure to make a reservation at least one or two weeks in advance. Closed on: Sundays

Price range


Restaurant Price range

A 3-course menu or dinner à la carte per person will cost approx.:

Below € 30
Below € 80
Above € 80

The latest restaurant of Anne-Sophie Pic, grande dame of the French cuisine. Successful interaction of different aromas, presented in an imaginative way with a pinch of female elegance thrown in for good measure. Simply lovely!

A venue without natural light – not suitable for those suffering from claustrophobia.

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Individual ratings for Restaurant La Dame de Pic Info

Location, ambience, room, service, and wine list:

6 = one of a kind
5 = excellent
4 = good
3 = satisfactory
2 = imperfect
1 = poor


6 = superior culinary art (normally 3 Michelin stars)
5 = extraordinarily creative culinary performance – often awarded one or two Michelin stars
4 = excellent cuisine, high quality, and consistency
3 = great cuisine, out of the ordinary
2 = unambitious cuisine
1 = best not to dine here


6 = unique resort or restaurant that satisfies (nearly) every need and desire
5 = top-of-the-lot in its category, as-new infrastructure, with lavish attention to detail
4 = swank restaurant or thrilling hotel with restaurant, bar, indoor or outdoor pool, gym, and spa
3 = elegant restaurant with patio, or small-but-refined hotel with restaurant
2 = harmonious restaurant without terrace or a luxurious B&B with swimming pool
1 = simple restaurant or charming B&B without swimming pool

  • Location

    Located in the 1st Arrondissement on the Rue du Louvre, right next to the "Louvre-Rivoli" underground station.

  • Ambience

    Modern interior in white, complemented by comfortable caramel-brown leather chairs.

  • Infrastructure

    Modern elegant tables grouped close together, panoramic window offering a view of the kitchen, and a large common table in the middle of the room. No terrace.

  • Culinary

    Refined feminine aroma cuisine with molecular influences. Guests may choose between three menus (€79, €100 and €120), which are named "Vanilla and Amber," "Flowers and Iodine" and "Undergrowth and Spices" as well as a three-course-menu at the moderate price of €49.

  • Wine List

    Nice wine list with a small choice of wines by the glass.

  • Service

    Very friendly, competent and attentive.

Location: Paris | Paris

Restaurant La Dame de Pic
20 Rue du Louvre · 75001 Paris
Phone +33 1 42 60 40 40

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