Ristorante Il Gatto Nero

„Ristorante Il Gatto Nero“

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Ristorante Il Gatto Nero Restaurant, Cernobbio

At the end of the winding road you are in for a treat: authentic restaurant decorated with a profound love for detail, located at a grandiose vista point. Cosy and rustic inside, elegant on the porch outside, and all around posh in the cottage style. The fare at the "Il Gatto Nero" is classic Italian. Rather than coming to dine only, people come here specifically for the view , the ambience, the charismatic owner Fausto Fontana, and the unmistakeable "dolce vita" spirit. Closed on: Mondays (all day) and Tuesdays (lunch time)

Price range


Restaurant Price range

A 3-course menu or dinner à la carte per person will cost approx.:

Below € 30
Below € 80
Above € 80

A peerless spot high above the lake with a breathtaking view of Lake Como. Female guests will have to make up their minds, though, whether to take in the scenery or the sight of George Clooney at the next table.

There is no parking out front. The parking lot it located a few hundred metres up the hill. It is always a good idea to come early in the day in order to get one of the parking spots by the side of the road below "Il Gatto Nero."

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Individual ratings for Ristorante Il Gatto Nero Info

Location, ambience, room, service, and wine list:

6 = one of a kind
5 = excellent
4 = good
3 = satisfactory
2 = imperfect
1 = poor


6 = superior culinary art (normally 3 Michelin stars)
5 = extraordinarily creative culinary performance – often awarded one or two Michelin stars
4 = excellent cuisine, high quality, and consistency
3 = great cuisine, out of the ordinary
2 = unambitious cuisine
1 = best not to dine here


6 = unique resort or restaurant that satisfies (nearly) every need and desire
5 = top-of-the-lot in its category, as-new infrastructure, with lavish attention to detail
4 = swank restaurant or thrilling hotel with restaurant, bar, indoor or outdoor pool, gym, and spa
3 = elegant restaurant with patio, or small-but-refined hotel with restaurant
2 = harmonious restaurant without terrace or a luxurious B&B with swimming pool
1 = simple restaurant or charming B&B without swimming pool

  • Location

    On a steep hillside above Cernobbio with a picturesque view of Lake Como.

  • Ambience

    Cosy, easy-going, with a high percentage of celebrities. A guest who comes here often: George Clooney.

  • Infrastructure

    3 rustic dining halls spread across two floors, nicely roofed-over patios in the cottage style (glassed-in during the wintertime).

  • Culinary

    Classic Italian cuisine. The performance of the staff varies from one day to the next, ranging from excellent to sub-average. We recommend asking about the day's catch. Fresh fish from the grill is always a safe bet.

  • Wine List

    Well-appointed wine list, with focus on Italy.

  • Service

    Friendly, unobtrusive, and swift.

Location: Cernobbio | Northern Italian lakes

Ristorante Il Gatto Nero
Via Monte Santo, 69 · 22012 Cernobbio
Phone +39 031 51 20 42

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