Cap Rocat

„Cap Rocat“

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Cap Rocat Hotel, Cala Blava

Straight out of the Arabian Nights... If it was not for the spectacular view of the bay of Palma, Mallorca's most impressive luxury resort might make you feel as if you were in Morocco. The Cap Rocat is a former military fortress directly on the waterfront that has been converted into an exclusive suite hotel. Antonio Obrador, the celebrated architect who masterminded the conversion, turned bullets into door handles and gun carriages into tables. Despite the martial ambience, the 30 suites and the ravine-like narrow alleys are the very essence of tranquillity. To keep the unique fortress peaceful and recreational, guests are discouraged form bringing children under the age of 14.

Price range


Hotel Price range

One night for two in a double of the lowest category during the off-season will cost approx.:

Below € 250
Below € 400
Above € 400

We love the fancy breakfast from the picnic basket. It is up to the guests to say what is to be served where and when. How about the beach, or would you rather have breakfast on your day bed?

There is no shower on the private beach.

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Individual ratings for Cap Rocat Info

Location, ambience, room, service, and wine list:

6 = one of a kind
5 = excellent
4 = good
3 = satisfactory
2 = imperfect
1 = poor


6 = superior culinary art (normally 3 Michelin stars)
5 = extraordinarily creative culinary performance – often awarded one or two Michelin stars
4 = excellent cuisine, high quality, and consistency
3 = great cuisine, out of the ordinary
2 = unambitious cuisine
1 = best not to dine here


6 = unique resort or restaurant that satisfies (nearly) every need and desire
5 = top-of-the-lot in its category, as-new infrastructure, with lavish attention to detail
4 = swank restaurant or thrilling hotel with restaurant, bar, indoor or outdoor pool, gym, and spa
3 = elegant restaurant with patio, or small-but-refined hotel with restaurant
2 = harmonious restaurant without terrace or a luxurious B&B with swimming pool
1 = simple restaurant or charming B&B without swimming pool

  • Location

    In a secluded and hidden spot on the Cala Blava, 20 km south of Palma, right inside a nature protection area, and with direct access to the sea.

  • Ambience

    A place of immaculate beauty down to the last detail: From the historic 19th century façade to the Moorish interior, it is dominated by stylistic finesse, elegance and high-end quality.

  • Infrastructure

    2 restaurants, a salt water infinity pool, a private beach, a yoga room, a gym, a treatment rooms, and complimentary bicycles.

  • Culinary

    Excellent, ambitious Mediterranean cuisine. During the daytime, fresh-caught fish and prawns from Soller are prepared on a charcoal barbecue at the "Sea Club" while the elegant "La Fortaleza" restaurant serves creative oeuvres made from regional produce come supper time.

  • Rooms

    2 rooms along the fortress walls and 28 spacious rustic-elegant suites located in the former munitions storage bunkers with private inner courtyard, patio and lovely day bed. The top suites "Sentinels," "El Cabo" and "Del Mar" come with private pool.

  • Service

    Very personal, solicitous, and friendly.

Location: Cala Blava | Mallorca

Cap Rocat
Crta. De Cap Enderrocat, s/n · 07609 Cala Blava
Phone +34 971 74 78 78

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