General Terms and Conditions of Pillow & Pepper

1. General

  1. Pillow & Pepper GmbH, Bungertweg 11, CH-8032 Zurich (hereinafter “Pillow & Pepper”) operates the homepage to host a unique travel community by profiling personally and independently tested hotels and restaurants in Europe. The unique selling proposition of is to make hotel and restaurant reviews available to the travel community (hereinafter member or members) free of charge, and to offer reservations for the finest rooms and the most coveted tables against a fee. The website is solely intended for private individuals of legal age.
  2. Pillow & Pepper is not a tour operator, and acts merely as broker between a given place of hospitality and a given member. Pillow & Pepper provides neither hospitality or catering services in its own right nor any additional services associable with these.
  3. It is expressly prohibited to use this website for illegal purposes, or to manipulate its technical process flows. This includes changing, reproducing, copying and disseminating the website as a whole or any of its contents.
  4. By signing up with and taking advantage of our services, members automatically agree to our terms and conditions for such use.

2. Membership and Registration

  1. The hotel and restaurant reviews published on are made available exclusively to the limited community of our members. Membership is free of charge, and may be revoked at any time. Notice to terminate the membership should be sent to
  2. The membership form must be filled in carefully and accurately because the data will automatically be used to place the respective member's reservation requests to hotels and restaurants, so that inaccurate details submitted could result in errors in the contracts entered into with hotels and / or restaurants, for which errors the member will be held responsible.
  3. Once you have successfully signed up, you will be granted password-protected access. As a member, you agree to handle the password confidentially, and the safeguard the portal from any unauthorized third-party access. Go to the password-protected area “My account” to view your details and to change them if necessary.
  4. Pillow & Pepper reserves the right to decline membership requests without stating reasons.

3. Use

  1. As registered member you may put any hotel or restaurant address on your “checklist” and acquire personal experience as a returning guest by buying room and table numbers and archiving them in your electronic shopping basket.
  2. Clicking the “Gain insider knowledge” button will give you access to the rooms selected for you by our experts on site. The form listing the most coveted room numbers and the description of each room at the respective hotel will be made available to you upon payment of EUR 5.00 using PayPal.
  3. Clicking the “Table to book” button will give you access to the tables selected for you by our experts on site. The form listing the most coveted room numbers and the description of each table at the respective restaurant will be made available to you upon payment of EUR 5.00 using PayPal.
  4. Upon receipt of payment, the form with the room numbers will automatically be sent to you. Next, you may use the “Send non-binding request” button to submit a request for reservation or a price quote to the respective hotel. This is done using a template expressly created for Pillow & Pepper for the purpose. The hotel will credit you as a member of the Pillow & Pepper travel community. The hotel will compile a non-binding offer, and send it to you via e-mail. Once you have confirmed the offer in writing, you will be directly booked by the hotel. A contract governing the performance of the corresponding service is concluded exclusively between the member and the hotel.
  5. Once you have received the form listing the table numbers, you may use the “Reserve table” button to place a reservation request (no less than 48 hours ahead of the planned visit) directly with the restaurant. This is done using a template expressly created for Pillow & Pepper for the purpose. The restaurant will credit you as a member of the Pillow & Pepper travel community. Inversely, the restaurant will communicate its confirmation or declining of your table reservation directly to you via e-mail. Please be sure to arrive at the restaurant in good time and to bring a print-out of your e-mail confirming the reservation. Pillow & Pepper advises its members to use the phone to place any table reservations on short notice (less than 48 hours ahead of the planned visit).
  6. The hotel or restaurant will make every effort to accommodate a member's reservation request for a given room or table. However, Pillow & Pepper assumes no warranty that any given request will be filled.
  7. Since you enter into a direct contract with the respective hotel or restaurant, you should address any query or request concerning your reservation directly to the respective hotel or restaurant. The proper contact details will be listed in your e-mail confirmation.
  8. Pillow & Pepper assumes no warranty whatsoever for the information provided by the restaurant or the hotel, as the case may be. Aside from the fact that no contractual relationship exists between customer and Pillow & Pepper, the latter shall be liable neither for the reservation nor for the details regarding tables, rooms, etc. In addition to the fact that such details are always subject to personal judgement, the situation may have changed since the time at which Pillow & Pepper reviewed the venue.
  9. Whenever a member wishes to cancel a confirmed reservation, he or she should do so directly at the respective hotel. Cancellations are governed by the terms and conditions of the respective hotel.
  10. If you fail to show up at the restaurant at the time of your reservation, the restaurant may charge a “no-show” fee. Whether or not such a “no-show” fee will be charged is entirely up to the restaurant. Pillow & Pepper advises its members to place their table reservations in writing or over the phone well ahead of time.

4. Promotional Codes

  1. Promotional codes represent welcome vouchers issued in return for signing up with, reward vouchers issued to a member after he or she invited an acquaintance to sign up with Pillow & Pepper, or vouchers issued to selected members as Pillow & Pepper sees fit.
  2. Promotional codes are non-transferable, and can neither be redeemed, nor do they collect interest.
  3. Promotion codes cannot be credited against any hotel reservation or restaurant bill.
  4. Promotional codes are valid only for the period stated at the time of their despatch.

5. Notification of Defects

  1. Pillow & Pepper is not obliged to accept notifications of defects concerning the performance of any hotel or restaurant. Rather, notifications of defects should be addressed directly to the respective hotel or restaurant. Any complaint, reclaim or similar that is lodged with Pillow & Pepper shall be ineffective because Pillow & Pepper is not party to any contract (see Sec. 1.2).

6.Exclusion of Liability for Hyperlinks

  1. refers to the websites of certain hotels and restaurants. Pillow & Pepper has no way to influence the contents of third-party websites, and assumes no liability whatsoever for their contents. As soon as Pillow & Pepper becomes aware of unlawful contents, Pillow & Pepper will delete the offending hyperlinks on

7. Image Rights

  1. All images are protected by applicable copyrights. The rights of use to the image material published on remains with the partners. Use of the image material is not permitted. Specifically, it is not permitted to duplicate the images or to sell them or to circulate them in some other way. Neither may the images be published unless express consent to such publication has been previously obtained from the copyright holder / photographer.

8. Privacy

  1. When signing up with you will be asked to submit certain personal data. Such data will be handled confidentially by Pillow & Pepper, and passed on to hotels or restaurants only to the extent necessary to respond to your reservation request, if any. The respective member consents even at this time to the use of the personal data for the aforesaid purpose. The data protection statement of Pillow & Pepper may be viewed on our website.

9. Concluding Provisions and Jurisdiction

  1. These GTC represent a translation of the German version published elsewhere on this website, and only original German version shall be legally effective.
  2. If any of the provisions herein are, or turn out to be, legally ineffective, be it wholly or in part, or include a lacuna, this shall not impair the effectiveness of the other provisions. Instead, the ineffective provision shall be replaced by another, effective provision whose economic purpose comes closest to the meaning originally intended for the ineffective provision.
  3. Contents and use of are exclusively subject to Swiss law. Place of jurisdiction is Zurich.

Zurich, 21 January 2014
Pillow & Pepper GmbH